As things change I'll try to add them here, newest changes at the top. (Note that each project has a changelog.md file on github as well)


The Explorer 0.4.2 now has a feature where you can customise the URL used when opening files in a new window, so you can browse files on intranet git systems or others that differ from github.


There is now an experimental code visualisation feature in the Explorer version 0.4.2 (it was in 0.4.1 but is nicer in 0.4.2) - so you can see quickly which users have made most of the changes to a file. This is still a bit beta, and documentation is light. (I'm rushing as I need to use these features on a project!)


I've added a whole new application - if a very small one - the Simple Code Server - for serving up source code in a CORS-friendly way. The Polyglot Code Explorer version 0.4.0 now has the ability to hook into this server, and show you source code in a side panel.

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