Korny's Polyglot Code Tools

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The Polyglot Code Tools are a suite of free open-source apps for analysing and visualising large software projects.

They provide multiple ways to visualise code written a wide range of programming languages (hence "polyglot"). Most of the tools will work for any programming language, as long as it is text-based!

This site is a work in progress! - if there is something you'd like to see in more detail, contact me (or I guess you could raise an issue on github)

The best place to start is the Overview

There is also a news page for recent changes

These docs are published to https://polyglot.korny.info

Source code for this site is at https://github.com/kornysietsma/polyglot-tools-docs

The site is built with The Rocketseat Gatsby theme for documentation websites

About me

I'm Korny Sietsma, an Australian software developer living in the UK.

My main info site is at korny.info

My blog is at blog.korny.info

You can contact me on Mastodon or Twitter