Frequently Asked Questions

How do I scan multiple repositories

You can just check out your repositories into subdirectories of a common root - see the scanner howto for more details.

How do I ignore junk

You can add special ignore files to the directories you are scanning, if you want to ignore generated files or config files or other irrelevant bits. See the scanner howto for more details.

Visualize or Visualise

I must admit I have been wildly inconsistent here - but I'm not alone.

Wikipedia has a pile of information here - as they say:

The -ize spelling is often incorrectly seen as an Americanism in Britain. It has been in use since the 15th century, predating -ise by over a century.

However - language is defined by culture, usage, and readers, not by history. I was brought up Australian, and am now living in the UK and on the path to dual citizenship - so I want to use British english, not due to anti-American sentiment, just because I like to use the language of the place where I live.

The Wikipedia article indicates "The ratio between -ise and -ize stood at 3:2 in the British National Corpus up to 2002" - and while the OUP and Oxford style guides suggest 'ize', they are outnumbered by other organisations.

Most importantly, I'm a huge fan of the UK Government Digital Services, and their style guide is good enough for me:

... use ‘organise’ not ‘organize’, ‘modelling’ not ‘modeling’, and ‘fill in a form’, not ‘fill out a form’.

TL;DR: I'm using 'visualise' and 'visualisation'

Why can't I see the 'LICENSE' file

Files are pruned from the file tree if they have zero lines of code, as it wouldn't be possible to show a file with zero lines of code, the size of display is proportional to the code lines!

The current parser I use sees a LICENSE file as all comments, so it shows as zero lines of code, and gets pruned.

I might need to rethink this if I ever have alternate layout choices such as showing files by bytes - but that's a long way off.

Why are there users who have no file changes

Sometimes users show up in the git logs modifying files that later get pruned so the user has no visible changes. So far, all the cases I've looked at like this were people who only changed files with no lines of code, which are pruned - see the previous question!

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